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REAL Essentials Respond

A science-supported, skills-based certification training through the Center for Relationship Education’s REAL Essentials Respond Curriculum. REAL Essentials Respond is a high-impact, activity-based methodology for equipping individuals with preventative strategies for safeguarding relationships from trauma and hurt, thus decreasing toxicity among people in the workplace and at home. Healthy connections are a central indicator of overall health and wellness, and the REAL Essentials Respond curriculum provides tools to approach relational wellness from a prevention model. This TOT (Trainer of Trainers) certification equips emergency responders and military personnel to facilitate REAL Essentials Respond within their agencies. Certified trainers can utilize the curriculum to integrate personalized relationship skills training in peer support services, academy trainings, and or on-base. Certified facilitators can access online resources, including PowerPoint slides, curriculum updates, and continued support from the Center for Relationship Education.

Activities prepare participants to better understand and address:

  • Individual identity and how to recognize and respect differences in others

  • Skills for setting appropriate boundaries and strategies for sticking to them

  • Understanding the impact stress has on relationships and effectively managing it

  • Casting future vision when vocational roles change, or retirement begins

  • Effective communication techniques for navigating conflict

  • Nurturing and supporting family relationships within the high-risk/high-stress emergency response and military occupations

  • The physiological impacts of the job and how they can impact relationships

  • How traits and skills that are praised at work can often be a detriment at home

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