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Mental Health Wellness Program

Pinpoint Behavioral Health Solutions “Pinpoint BHS” has assisted in and been a primary resource for various departments and peer support teams both in Ohio and Kentucky. In 2019, Pinpoint Behavioral Health Solutions partnered with a local EAP agency to provide the first department '‘neck up check ups’' in the area.

Since 2019:

  • Pinpoint BHS has provided neck up checks ups to a wide range of department sizes; 20 – 325 personnel.

  • Pinpoint BHS has spent over 125 hours conducting mental health wellness checks since 2019.

  • Pinpoint BHS has provided mental health services to individuals in over 60 departments in the tri-state area (Kentucky and Ohio).

  • Pinpoint BHS has facilitated spousal support group educational events.

  • Pinpoint BHS has facilitated post-traumatic stress disorder/trauma educational presentations.

  • Pinpoint BHS has attended and provided clinical consultation services to various departments.

  • Pinpoint BHS has built relationships with local hospitals to assist in a smooth direct admit process for first responders in a mental health crisis.

  • Provided every member and command staff officers the opportunity to contact a clinician outside of business hours.

  • Provided support after critical incidents and responded upon request.

Pinpoint BHS has the capacity to provide members with referrals to in-person and telehealth follow-up visits, if necessary.  All clinicians are masters-level clinicians and are independently licensed to provide mental health services in Ohio. We also have 3 trained EMDR clinicians as well as the only regional mental health practice that is able to provide Equine EMDR. Clinicians are trauma-informed care trained and have extensive training within peer support.

Continuity of care is vitally important to the success of a behavioral health program with first responders. Our clinicians at Pinpoint BHS are able to connect individuals with other resources or referrals if needed.

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